This Tuesday: Grounding in Uncertainty

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The Buddha said, “Make your mind like the earth that receives all things steadily.” Living in the present has possibly become even more challenging that we ever anticipated. Emotions cause turmoil, outrage and reactivity with no relief in sight. What does it mean to be fully awake in this present moment? Is this something we truly want? Regardless of how challenging, how do we completely trust ourselves and our circumstances regardless of outcomes? How do we meet this breath without being bound by our past nor distracted by our longings for the future? When the Buddha trusted his birthright to be fully here and now, he sat under the Bodhi tree determined to be free. Distractions rained down but he touched the earth. Enlightenment followed.

To sit, regardless of distractions, is our very best next step. Let’s take it together.


Teacher: John Mifsud
7 pm dharma sharing and meditation

Thanks to this week’s volunteers:

Opening: Patrick & Lisa
Closing: Patrick & Lisa
Greeting & Dana Talk: Renee


John Mifsud

John Mifsud was born on the Island of Malta. He has practiced Insight Meditation since 2001 and graduated from the Community Dharma Leaders Training Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in 2012. He currently sits on the Spirit Rock Board of Directors. John has extensive retreat experience across the county and traveled throughout Asia on four major Buddhist pilgrimages. He is a Community Teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center and the founding leader of EBMC’s Deep Refuge Sangha for Alphabet Brothers of Color. He teaches internationally with a special interest in delivering mindfulness tools to marginalized communities.

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